Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Favourites | 2014

Can we please press the slow-mo button for the rest of the year because everything is moving so quickly! I haven exams coming up in the next few weeks and Christmas is less than 2 months away! But of  course I'm excited for Christmas because it's my favourite holiday year, maybe expect for when Easter falls on my birthday! Double the fun! Anyway on to the favourites!

Firstly, I've been trying to clear up skin for the past few months because it got out of control. And these two products have been responsible for helping it all calm down. Firstly, the Lush Tea Tree Water is such a gentle toner for my skin and feels great when you sprtiz it on your face. The tea tree is helping with my blemishes. Also what helped me with fadeing some of my scars, the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo has been amazing for my skin. The scars are slowing fading which is great, because it looked like I had more pimples that I have.

Makeup wise, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation has been amazing. The colour is a good match for my pale skin and it has great lasting power. I'd say it's a dupe for the M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Also, the Maybelline Brow Drama does wonders to my brows. It's the perfect colour as well, because a lot of drug store eyebrow products tend to be on the orange side.

What have been your favourite products this month?


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lush Christmas Haul

You know Christmas is on it's way when Lush releases their Halloween and Christmas collections! Around Christmas time last year was when I first got into Lush so some of my first products I bought from their are part of the Christmas collection. It brings such fond memories, and I keep my bag of goodies next to my desk so the smell sometimes wafts over while I'm studying which is pleasant. Anyway enough jibber jabber, here is what I picked up!

Firstly, I picked up the Baked Alaska soap because they didn't have Angel's Delight this year, which is so sad! But this soap is lovely and has a mild citrus scent to it. Then I picked up my all time favourite bath bomb, Golden Wonder. I think this is my 3rd or 4th one, it just smells so good and the bath turns an amazing colour when you pop it in. I don't want to give to much away so it's a surprise for you if you get one for the first time! I got 2 little critters, the Christmas Hedgehog and the Christmas Penguin  bubbles bars. These are so cute so I couldn't resist getting them. Next is the Snow Angel bath melt which looks so beautiful, and I love the gold glitter on the back. As you can tell I'm a big fan of glitter. Then I got the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb which has os many different colours on it so I can only imagine the colourfulness of the bath. Lastly, the famous Lord of Misrule bath bomb. Yes, I know this is Halloween but 1 product is not enough to change the name of the post! This looks amazing and I can only imagine the bath when this goes in, a cool cauldron swish colours. Also not in this picture because I got it a few days later is the So White shower gel. This smells like green apples and has glitter in it, can it be any better than that?

What have you picked up from Lush lately?



Monday, 27 October 2014

The Book Club #1 | Man Repeller

Welcome to my book club! When I was little up until the end of high school, reading was my life. I'd go through books like nobody's business. When I reached uni, instead of reading at night, I'd be up on my laptop surfing the internet and watching youtube videos for hours! Just recently, I bought a few books to get me back in the habit of reading before bed to help me get to sleep easier and this is the first one, Man Repeller by Leandra Medine.

This book is such a great little book; it's a bit quirky, talks about (sometimes) bad fashion choices, boys, and the ability of certain outfits or clothes to shape our memories. I laughed out loud in many bits and some even reminded of some old memories involving some weird clothes I have worn it the past. I don't want to give too much away, but it's a great read for anyone who loves fashion and wants a good light hearted book to read.



Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Loop Box | October 2014

When I got the email the other day saying the boxes were ready to collect, I got so excited. Something about those cute sample sizes just get me so excited! Also, I've moved up to Level 2 which I don't know wether to be happy about it or not, but I do need to stop spending! Anyway, I was really happy at what came in the box.

First is the bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. This came in the shade B, which is definitely not my shade, but you can't expect a sample box to give you your exact shade. I'll just try it out when I have a home day. Next is the REN Ultra-Moisture Day Cream - Dry Skin. This I will not be using because I have super oily skin, so I'll be giving this to my mum. And I'll also be giving her the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer because I already have the full size. Lastly, the one I'm probably most excited to try is the Mecca Cosmetica After Sun Lotion. Because I'm so pale, I burn really easily, so as you can imagine I cannot live without after sun lotion. Also, it's a product preview so it'll be great to test this out and give feedback. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this with this box. They seem to give big sample sizes which is great for getting good opinion on the products.

What did you get in your Beauty Loop Box?


Monday, 20 October 2014

Thank You NARS!

A few weeks ago, I got a message from the @narsissist instagram account asking for my address to send a little thank you for being a NARSissist. I have seen people on instagram post about this before but I never thought I would get one. I think this is great PR for the company for thanking the people who use their products.I'm not saying that all companies should go out and do this, but it is great when you get noticed or get a response from such a big company. Thank you to NARS for the lovely gift and I will continue to forever love your products!



3 Revlon Spring Lip Picks

Along with Rimmel, I believe that Revlon has some of the best drugstore lip products on offer. They have a great range of colours and finish, making hard not to find what you want. Also, the 3 ones I picked are all super easy to maintain, so you don't have to worry about fussy application while your frolicking amongst the flowers. Or if you have hay fever like me, forever hiding the redness around your nose and eyes. So here are three lip products that are worthy to be on your lips this spring.

The Balm - Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Rendezvous
The orange-ext of the picks, this is a sheer balm that goes on easy breezy. It has a minty smell too it which ends up making my lips feel fresh. These balms are great for quick on the go application. They're not the greatest at lasting power, but I don't mind when the application is super easy.

The Lip Butter - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
This lip butter is more of a coral shade of the 3 picks. At first use, the application isn't the easiest. But if you warm it up on you lips, like butter, it will go on more smoothly. My favourite things about these though is there packaging, I love how the colour of the balm is on the casing. They just feel so luxurious on the lips.

The Lipgloss - Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Peony
This is probably my favourite lip gloss ever; not to sticky, perfect amount of sheerness. This colour is the most pink of all the shades. It has little flecks of gold in it, almost reminding my of NARS Orgasm Lipgloss. The applicator is great and for me, it's a great everyday colour.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Empties #3

The past few months I've been on a bit of an empties mission. I had so many skincare and makeup products on their last legs but just sitting int he back of my cupboards and drawers. So in an attempt to clean out my stash, I made sure I used up all of my products that were almost empties. So this empties is going to be a big one! I'm going to give a mini review of each of them so you can all know what they were like for me.


Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions 3 Step System (Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser): My mum bought this over a year ago in an attempt to help me with my terrible acne on my skin. Besides the moisturiser, the products were so stripping and irritated my skin. The foaming cleanser I found did nothing, the toner was quite irritating on my skin ann always made it red. The moisturiser was quite nice but not the best I have used. Would I repurchase?: No.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: This cleanser is great for a no-fuss gentle cleanser that doesn't irritate, and just freshens up your skin. I figured if I was using lots of acne products for other steps, I need just a gentle cleanser to balance things out and this works great. Also, it's really affordable! I ended buying a litre bottle of it! Would I repurchase?: Yes, I already have.

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser: A lady at Lush recommended this to me after I said I have oily skin. I like this but at the same time I don't. It does make your face not so oily but it's just so messy! The colour of it is black because it has coal in it. It just gets everywhere, so probably the best place to use it would be in the shower. Would I repurchase?: No.

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask: Firstly, this smells amazing! I am a chocaholic so I had to refrain myself from trying to eat it. Because you have to put it in the fridge, it is so cooling when you put it on. My skin felt so much better after every time I used it. Would I repurchase?: Yes, but I want to try other Lush masks first.

Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream: This is great for people with oily skin as it definitely helps mattify the skin. It has a slight fragrance to t but I like it. It feels fresh when you put it on the skin and is great for a morning moisturiser. Would I repurchase?: Maybe.

Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment: My expectation of this was that it was miraculously going to get rid of every pimple on my face. Don't expect that though. It does help with redness and irritation, but takes a while to get rid of the pimple. Not a miracle worker but good for calming the pimples down.Would I repurchase?: Maybe.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser: A lot of people raved about this as being a gentle cleanser for all skin types so I was excited to give it a go. At first, it worked really well. But after a week, I noticed I was getting really dry skin around my lips. A week later, it started to peal. I don't know what is in it to cause that but I'll not be trying this again. Would I repurchase?: No.

Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes: I thought I would try these wipes, as I love the original ones but I do suffer from acne so I thought it might help. I saw no difference when using these, so I'll be sticking to the regular wipes. Would I repurchase?: No.


Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combo/Oily Skin: This is first foundation I owned. Not the first bottle, I think this is the third? I used to love this stuff and I don't know if my skin is changing but I really didn't like this towards the end. I found it clung to dry patches and just never went on nicely. I've found foundations that suit me a lot better. Would I repurchase?: No.

Revlon ColorStay Concealer: Same goes for this. I used to love it, now I feel it does't work as well. Would I repurchase?: No.

Savvy Mineral Loose Powder: This is just a great setting powder. It's cheap but I'm pretty sure it's only in Australia which sucks. Currently though, I'm preferring my pressed powders. Would I repurchase?: Maybe.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer: I bought the little size to test it out and I loved it so much I bought the full size. This is a great primer that keeps you matte, has SPF, and your makeup doesn't budge all day! Would I repurchase?: Yes!

Rimmel Stay Matte Sample: This was terrible! It clung to all my dry patches and looked patchy on my skin, even after trying desperately to blend it out. The colour looked almost green, which was gross. Overall, I'm glad I never bought a full size first. Would I repurchase?: No.

Stila Stay All Day Foundation Sample: I loved this stuff, It is a great foundation for night because it has no SPF, and has a good full coverage. I ended up buying a full size because it was so great. Would I repurchase?: Yes.

NARS Sheer Glow Sample: This foundation has a deceptive name. I found it not glowy and not sheer, which for me is great! It's a good medium coverage foundation, that has a satin finish to it. Also, the colour range for NARS foundations are great! I've already bought a bottle of it. Would I repurchase?: Yes.

NARS Sheer Matte Sample: This wasn't the greatest thing I've ever tried. I found it clung to dry patches. I also didn't look that great on my skin. Would I repurchase?: No.

Body Stuff

Body Shop Shea Body Butter: I've never been too keen on the idea of body butters. After trying this, I still wasn't taken by it. I think I liked the way it made my legs feel, but I don't think I liked the smell so that's why I was put off. Would I repurchase?: No.

Mitchum Advanced Control: Usually I wouldn't put a deodorant in here but this one is great! It leaves no marks, keeps me feeling fresh, and lasts a long time. Would I repurchase?: Yes.

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel: This is my favourite body shop scent ever! Well, Papaya was but they discontinued it. Anyway, this is probably my 3rd bottle of this stuff and it's just the best; lathers up week, smells good, and makes your skin super soft. Would I repurchase?: Yes.

Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub: This was really disappointing. The scrub was to fine to make a difference on my skin. I prefer coarser scrubs on my skin. Would I repurchase?: No.

Tommy Hilfiger Loud Body Wash: I got this in a perfume gift set for Christmas. I don't really like the scent of either of them but I was using this every time I ran out of a shower gel. Would I repurchase?: No.


Garnier Fructis Texturising Spray: I had this bottle for about 5 years! Thats such a long time, and I should have chucked it out but I couldn't bear to. The product isn't that great but the smell reminded me of some good times during the summers between school years. I think they've discontinued this now because I can never find it. Would I repurchase?: No.

Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo: This shampoo is fantastic for those with oily hair like me! It smells so fruity and fresh and lathers up well in the shower. I had no problems at all with this shampoo. Would I repurchase?: Yes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Just the usual dry shampoo. Still the best one I've tried and does the job well. Would I repurchase?: Of course.

Told you there was going to be a lot!


Friday, 10 October 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Rimmel is probably one of my favourite drugstore brands. I love their mascaras, nail polishes, and lipsticks, but I was yet to try one of their foundations. Until now (that sounded so dramatic, I should be in a TV drama).

Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation claims to be full coverage, last 25 hours, and be sweat, heat humidity, and transfer proof. Those are pretty big things to claim, but they are pretty much true.

The foundation definitely can be full coverage by building it up as when it;s first applied it's more of a medium-full coverage. The claim that it last 25 hours is almost true, I wore it for 14 hours recently and when I got home it looked pretty good. It had faded around my nose a bit, but that happens all the time so I wasn't too bothered. I touched up about 6 hours into wearing it which is impressive for me because I have a pretty oily t-zone. It has a satin finish, and I would describe this foundation as being almost a dupe for the M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. The day I was wearing it, I had uni and work, and at work I do a lot of running around when it's busy and lifting heavy boxes so for it to last almost throughout the day, I'm impressed!

This is such a great foundation, and it's great that it's from the drugstore so it's easy to get for everyone.

Have any of you tried this and what are your thoughts?


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

I had never been a scrub type of person until a few months ago when I started using a scrub I got for Christmas. It changed my life! Not really, but I did notice a difference in my skin and I've been hooked on scrubs ever since. It gave me a reason to try this one from Lush, the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. Kudos for the rhyming Lush.

To me, it smells like Lush in a tub. When you walk into one of their shops, you get a smell of all of their products at once and this is what t reminds me of.The colour is bright blue which is a bit of fun for shower time. What I love most about it is what the product actually does. While it's a scrub, to me it's also a shower gel at the same time. When you wash the scrub off, you're left with this soft silky feeling on your body which I haven't found with other scrubs I've tried. It's not to harsh but not too soft, just perfect! It only lathers up a little bit, but that means you don't have to use a body wash with it.

What are your favourite scrubs? I'm keen to try out some others so let me know your favourites down below!


Monday, 6 October 2014

October Playlist | 2014

Usually, I love listening to chilled out music in Autumn and Winter. But this months playlist is about 80% chill, which is weird for me at this time of year. I've been obsessed with George Ezra, and his mellow deep voice. Also the new Clavin Harris song "Blame" because I also enjoy John Newman's voice, it's a bit different but so beautiful. So I hope you enjoy all the music that I've been loving this month.



Sunday, 5 October 2014

MOTD | Silvery Smokey Eye

The other night, I went to a friends concert at Uni so I thought I'd try something a bit different with my eye makeup. I'm still a bit of an eyeshadow noob, but I try. Practice makes perfect right?

I started by priming my face with the Mecca Cosmetica Complexion Perfection Anti-Redness Primer. My skin was being extra tomato-y that day so I needed something to help neutralise it. Then for foundation, I used my Stila Stay All Day Foundation to have a medium coverage base. And of course I used my two favourite concealers, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser, for under my eyes, and the NARS Radient Creamy Concealer, for my blemishes. To set it all, I used my trusty M.A.C. Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. I love this because it sets everything but leaves it with a natural, non-cakey look. For blush, I used the beautiful NARS Blush in Deep Throat to give a flush to my complexion. 

Pistol, Verve, and Blackout.
To prime my eyes, I used the NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Then as a base to my smokey eye look, I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe. Then I used my Urban Decay Naked2 Palette to create this smokey eye. Firstly I put the shade Verve, on the inner third of the eyelid. Then the shade Pistol on the outer two thirds and blended it out to create a smokey look. Then I used Blackout as a liner on my outer half of my eyelid and smudge it a bit to emphasise the smokey look. For mascara, I used the Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara which I have been loving! To finish off the look I used M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Mehr to balance out the look.



Saturday, 4 October 2014

Two Perfect Colour Dupes for Spring/Summer

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Malibu Peach, Rimmel Lasting Finish in No Tan Lines Here, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pretty Piggy, Rimmel 60 Seconds in Instyle Coral.

Spring is here! It's time to crack out all the bright shades lather up your skin with sunscreen. My favourite way to wear bright shades in on my nails, particularly any coral or pink shades. Recently, I've been loving the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour nail polishes. They lasted about 11 days before major chipping which is great for me because mine usually chip after a day or two. They have a great colour range and I picked out two for summer; Malibu Peach and Pretty Piggy. When I was going through my nail polish stash, I found two dupes for these polishes that are just as good for the fraction of the price.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour polishes retail at $16.95 which is not that expensive but it as the top range of prices at a drugstore. The dupe for Malibu Peach is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Colour in No Tan Lines Here. This range retails for $5.95 which is great for anyone on a budget or to pick up seasonal colours without forking out a lot of money. Both colours are peachy pinks and are great for spring. Another dupe I found in my stash is for Pretty Piggy, and it's the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Colour in Instyle Coral. Both are pink corals that look bright on the nails. This polish retails at $7.95. The brush on this one is great as it's wide so you only really need on sweep to do the whole nail. 

Even though these are colour dupes, I would say that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colour polishes do last longer on the nails without chipping. However, if your just after a similar colour at a fraction of the price, then these Rimmel polishes would be the best choice.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Handy 2 in 1 Product | Revlon Photoready Skinlights

Who doesn't love a product that can do multiple things. It saves money and space, as well as being handy for travel. These Revlon Photoready Skinlights do just that. 

So basically, they can be used as liquid highlighters or as primers underneath foundation or on their own. They come in three colours: Bare Light, Pink Light, and Bronze Light. I have the first two ones. The handy thing about the packaging is the EXACT colour of the of the product inside. One of my pet peeves is when the packaging is a different colour to what's inside. 

My favourite use for these is as a primer when my skin is looking a bit dull. When the product does out out of the bottle, it looks very shimmery. But ones you blend it onto your skin, it just gives a nice glow without looking like you dunked your face into a bucket of glitter. I use Pink Light to give my skin bit of a glow or Bare Light when I want to look a bit bronzed. Even though it is pale, it's still a "bronzed" colour for my skin tone (M.AC.'s NW10). The packaging is nice and thin so easy for travelling.

In Australia, they value at $29.95, which is a bit pricey for a drugstore brand but there isn't anything really similar at the drugstore. also, Revlon often goes on a sale at Chemist Warehouse or Priceline so keep a look at for deals to get it at a cheaper price!

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