Friday, 16 January 2015

MOTD | 2Cellos' Concert

Last week, I went to the 2Cellos' concert here in Perth. If you haven't heard of them, they are a pair of Croatian boys who play the cello, but they play contemporary music and it's brilliant! I bought the tickets for my mum as her Christmas present but I was just as excited to go. I was lucky enough to meet one of them, Luka, before the concert and a pedestrian crossing! He was very friendly and introduced himself and we had a good little chat. After the show, I went to get my things signed and he remembered my name and that I play the flute! That made my year!

For my makeup, I went for a simple look with a bold red lip. For primer I used my Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights in  Pink Light as a primer to give me a bit of a subtle glow. Then I put on the NARS Sheer Glow foundation which has such a good coverage but feels so lightweight. My concealer combo was the Maybelline Age Rewind for under the eyes and the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for my blemishes. To set it all, I used my MAC Studio Fix Powder, which adds a bit of extra coverage. I bronzed up my face using  The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 01, and used MAC's Melba Blush which gives a hint of colour but nothing too overpowering.

To prime the eyes, I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer which I'm trying out, and so far I'm loving it! For eyeshadow I used the Everyday look form the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette which was a Christmas gift from my aunty. I didn't want to do anything major with my eyes as I wanted to have all the focus on my bold lip. My favourite mascara recently for nights out has been the Benefit They're Real Mascara, which doesn't budge and gives full, strong lashes. To finish it off, my bold lip of choice was the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, which is a true scarlet red.



Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My 2015 Goals

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I don't know why, but I have a good feeling about 2015. Which is strange because I feel sightly terrified as well. It's my final year at university and I'm worried I won't graduate. I didn't do to well in one of my units, so I'm worried I won't pass the next one this year. It's also my sister's final year of high school, so she has all of her WACE exams at the end of the year. I feel sorry for my parents, it's going to be one stressful household this year!

But worries aside, I feel like I'm starting to find out who I really am (deep stuff right here) so I feel like I can have some control of how I handle this year. This year, I've set myself 3 achievable goals. Hopefully, not having too many goals for the year will allow me to focus on those and do them really well.

1. Keep a practice journal to help improve my playing
If you don't know, at university, I'm studying Classical Music Performance and I play the flute. As a self confessed guru of procrastination, my practice sessions are not consistent and I often get distracted, which is hampering my playing and my grades. This year, I've bought a journal to write down what I practiced and what I need to, to help me get on top of things that are troubling me and hopefully improve the quality of my practice.

2. Lose 5 kilos
At the end of last year, I had lost about 2 kilos over 2 months. It was from working extra hours and doing little bits of exercise here and there. My family started to notice the difference and I did too. I started to realise that just a little bit of exercise can make a difference, and I was feeling better about how I looked. This year, I want to be more consistent with my exercise and hopefully be 5 kilos lighter by the end of the year.

3. Read 40 books
I got into a bad habit last year. Instead of reading a few chapters of a book before I went to sleep, I would be on my laptop for a couple of hours, which did not help my sleeping pattern. This year, I want to get back into the habit of reading before bed because I do miss it. So using Goodreads, I set myself the challenge of reading 40 books and I can track my progress on there.

The big question now is f I will achieve them by the end of the year! Have you set any goals for this year?

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