Wednesday, 3 September 2014

My Top 5 T.V. Shows

I confess, I'm a T.V junkie. I find that I prefer watching a whole bunch of episodes of a certain T.V. show rather than a movie. But that's just me. I also prefer comedies over drama, but my guilty pleasures are English crime shows like Midsomer Murders or Jonathan Creek, or even Escape to the Country. I feel like a nonna when I watch that show, but I somehow enjoy watching people look around English country homes. I digress! Here are my 5 favourite T.V. shows, and if you haven't seen them, definitely give them a go.

5. Community
This is a hilarious American show about a group of different people starting Community College and forming a study group, and follows their misadventures through college. My favourite characters are Troy and Abed, two guys who are a bit childish so you can just imagine the stuff they get up too. Definitely a show that will have you in stitches.

4. Bad Education
This English show starring and written by Jack Whitehall is one of the funniest I've seen. Jack Whitehall plays a young, not very good teacher that has deal with not only his problems, but the ones of his meddling students. If I had a teacher like him, I would never get anything done but it would be a hoot.

3. 30 Rock
Tina Fey. That's all that needs to be said here. She is such an amazing person and this show never fails at making me laugh uncontrollably. I love the character of Liz Lemon, but my favourite is Kenneth, he is so innocent and the things that he says are always funny. It follows the life of Liz Lemon, and the struggle to balance her work and personal life, which a lot of people can relate to now days. If you haven't seen this, where have you been!?

2. Misfits
Usually I hate shows that involve a lot of swearing, drugs, sexy time and all that other stuff but somehow, I became so attracted to this show. It's about a group of 5 youths doing their probation when a series of events change their lives forever. It's just such a good show, the script is amazing and the characters are so well written. The last episode of season 3 left me in tears for days, the emotions!

1. New Girl
Who's that girl? IT'S JESS! Probably my favourite show of all time. I have a mahoosive girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, so anything with her in it is a hit in my books. It follows her character, Jessica Day, moving into a loft with 3 other guys and their misadventures. I feel like I can relate to Jess as we share some of the same personality quirks. Also, if Nick Miller was real, I have dibs on him! This show makes me laugh and makes me cry. Throughout the whole first season I was yelling at my T.V. saying "GET TOGETHER ALREADY" at Jess and Nick because that on-screen chemistry, phwoar.

What are your favourite T.V. shows to watch. I'm looking for some new ones to get into, so leave some suggestions in the comments below!


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