Saturday, 9 November 2013


Hello all!

My name is Lauren and I have decided to start a blog. I have wanting to do this for quite sometime and I have finally got off my lazy bottom and created this! YAAAAY! I love watching beauty vlogs and reading beauty blogs and felt very inspired by them all. My love for beauty and fashion has been steadily increasing over the past few years and I want to share my experiences with you all. All these beauty reviews help me out and I wanted to give something back.

A few things that you should know about me is that I'm from Australia, I'm currently studying Classical Performance and I spend way to much money!

Also, I will probably also post some of my rambles on here. Trust me, they might sound a bit crazy, so bare with me! And stuff about music, because it is my life!

I have exams coming up in a few days, so once those are over, my holidays will begin. This means I will be able to put lots of time and attention into this.

Love Lauren xx


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