Tuesday, 9 January 2018

My Goals for 2018

While I admire people who set amazing goals to start the first of January and actually follow through with them, I am not that kind of person. I find it hard to go from doing one thing and then changing habits the next day, especially after the Christmas period. I need a few days of "run up" to get myself ready to make changes, especially ones that are changing habits that have been engrained into my brain for a long time. I end up trying to set my goals like others I see and fail miserably, so this year, I've tailored them to myself and hopefully this will help me achieve them throughout the year.


This goal is probably my most achievable. I grew up with a huge love for books, but somewhere around the end of high school and university, my reading almost came to a holt. In recent years, I've been reading more but not quite as much as I would like to. I think it's the distraction of social media and having all these electronics around me that's affected my reading. So this year I am going to make a concious to read whenever I have a few spare minutes and before going to sleep. So I've set a goal on my Goodreads account, which you can follow me on here, and set a goal of 30 books to read this year. So send me any book recommendations!


This is a bit vague, but this is what I meant in my introduction. If I say "travel five times" I feel pressured and then if I don't complete it, I'l feel like a failure. So this year I want to make the most of my location and explore the surrounding areas. The perks of living in London is that I have so many travel options at my finger tips and I really want to take advantage of that. Wether that is travelling to different cities in the UK or traverse the European continent, I want to do a lot of exploring this year. At the top of my list is a trip to Euro Disney!


Another vague one but something that I think I can achieve. Whenever I start a diet, I go full on at the start and end up crashing out after a few days, it's just something I can't keep up. So this year, I'm going to be trying to make my diet a bit more balanced. I don't eat terribly now but I have the wrong balance. So I'm not going to be cutting out any food, just making sure I have a healthy balance of food. So less chocolate, more fruit. Less pasta, more vegetable based dinners. This way, I think I can achieve a more balanced diet.


I think this goal is the most important. Moving to a place where I don't really know anyone, I need to put myself outside of my comfort zone occasionally and go out and make some friends. I've already joined up to a few London groups, Aussies in London and London New Girl, which has been great. Everyone in those groups are in the same boat as you and I've already met up with a few people which is great. I would also love to make some friends who are locals but I think that will be harder. I think I just need to put myself out there and be more willing to go out and make and effort to socialise so I can have some friends and not rely on only talking to people back home. If anyone lives in London, I would love to meet up!

Let me know what your goals are for the year!



  1. I'm totally with you on not setting really hard/certain goals that revolve around numbers because it just makes me feel pressured to do things a certain way that doesn't really come naturally to me. I'm also much more likely to say "I want to do more of this, or less of that" rather than "I'm never going to eat chocolate again" or whatever. It's much more realistic for me and makes me feel encouraged to do those things rather than getting halfway through the year and feeling like you've failed because you haven't hit a certain number. And you should definitely try and take a trip to Euro Disney! If you're in London you could easily make a weekend (or long weekend) of it and just hop over on the Eurostar - you won't regret it!


    1. I feel the same, I'm not very good at changing my habits so this system suits me so much better. I'm already making plans, it's going to be a great trip to Paris! x


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