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The Monthly Edit | April 2016

Doing a monthly favourites post, I've always felt the pressure to pick out products to feature even if they haven't been a favourite, just to have a post. This month, I want to try something a bit different that I have been wanting to do for a long time. More of a monthly edit, talking about everything that has happened this month, things I have loved that aren't just beauty related, and a general round up of what's been happening on my blog this month.

I am now finished university, and I am really struggling on the job front. I actually just got some work experience lined up for a few weeks which will be really good for my CV, and help with the job search. But finding full time work to occupy my time and support my life has been hard. People either aren't hiring or they are looking for experienced people. I feel pressured to stick to something that I did my degree on, which is classical music, but there aren't a lot of jobs around for that, especially in Perth.

Also, this month was my 21st birthday which was amazing. I had a party for all my friends and family that I love the most and it was so much fun! I am so grateful to have great friends and the most supportive and loving family.


To be honest, there has not been a lot of stuff that has really got my absolute attention this month, there are a few things I love but haven't given them a full go yet so I don't want to jump the gun with reviews. Probably the only thing I have truly loved this month is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, which I did a review on here. Paired with a Beauty Blender, it gives a flawless look to the skin without feeling heavy and it stays all day.

Music, Film & TV

In terms of music, The Last Shadow Puppets new album has been on repeat. Alex Turner's voice is like liquid velvet, it's so soothing to listen too. Also, I've been indulging myself in some Little Mix. I never used to like them or listen to them before, but I really like their newer album, Get Weird. Great to listen to if you just want to dance around your room like a crazy person and sing into a hairbrush. Which I totally don't do all the time  . . .  maybe. If you want to see what was on my April Playlist, check it out here.

At the beginning of the month for my birthday, my family all went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I think it's just a funny as the first and it reminds us of our family and the things we do. My mum and her side of the family are Croatian, and there are a lot of similar things between Greek and Croatian culture. We found ourselves after the movie, comparing each other to certain characters. And if you have seen the movie, the scene where they help their dad learn to use the computer, reminded me of the days where me and my sister taught my mum to use one!

Suits is still my favourite thing to watch on Netflix, but the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out and it's so good! I've also been re-watching Friends and Community, which are some of the best shows. I haven't seen the last two seasons of Community yet but once I finish season 4, I'm gonna buy them and have a binge watching session.

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What have you been up to this month, what have you been loving or loathing, and what do you think of this instead of a favourites?




  1. This is a nice way to round out the month! I always have trouble finding 'favourites' to write about so I don't usually do those types of posts but this is a nice change!

    Job finding is tough! I've been trying to apply for jobs too (overseas) and most of the time, I don't have that particular experience that they need and I've learnt everything on the job currently. I find that word of mouth is usually the best way to get your foot in the door but best of luck on that front!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. I really want to look at getting a job overseas, especially in the UK, but there is always the problems with Visas and actually finding a job before you go. I actually just got some work experience by knowing some people which is a good start! x

  2. I had such a hard time finding a job when I finished uni (I live in London) and I basically had the same experience as you, people were either not hiring or wanted people with loads of experience. I did eventually find a role and you will too - honestly!

    1. I want to eventually move to the UK to live and I'm worried that won't happen because I won't find a job. Hopefully it will come soon! x


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