Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 2 Favourite Christmas Movies

December means digging out all my Christmas movies and binge watching them on my days off. They enhance the festive mood leading up to Christmas and get me in the Christmas spirit. A lot of the time, watching these movies are a bit confusing because you're watching all these scenes with snow and people wearing woolly jumpers. But here we are lying on the couch, in a singlet and shorts with the air conditioner blasting. So here are my 2 favourite festive movies to watch during this period!

I think is on on a lot of people's Christmas movie hit list. It's just such a good, funny, Christmas film. People either love or hate Will Ferrell, but I'm a big fan. Also, Zooey Deschanel is in it, so why wouldn't you want to watch it. If your looking for something light hearted and funny to watch, then this is the perfect movie!

Love Actually 
This would have to be my favourite Christmas movie and one of my all time favourites ever! It combines my love of British things and Christmas, and features so many well known British actors such as Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and Keira Knightly. It features many stories that intertwine with each other, revolving around love and Christmas. It never fails to make me laugh or cry, even though I've seen it so many times. The Americans tried to recreate the same magic with movies like Valentines Day and New Years Ever, but they don't make the cut. They just don't feel the same as Love Actually, just like a lot of TV shows they try to recreate from British shows.

What are your favourite festive movies?


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