Monday, 13 March 2017

20 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

Even though I do enjoy fancy things every now and then, I am made happy by the simple things in life. I think that some people definitely feel like they need expensive things and big experiences to fulfil their need for happiness and contentment. And yes, I do like to treat myself every know and then. But I think we need to learn how to appreciate the little things more often, because as the saying goes, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. So here are some little things that make me all fluffy and warm inside!

Chucking on my pyjamas and dressing gown after a long day in winter, love getting cosy!

The smell of onion, garlic and olive oil cooking in a pot. This always means mum is cooking something delicious, usually spaghetti bolognese! This reminds me of when I was younger when I stayed at my Nona and Nono's during the day.

The feeling when you get into bed after shaving your legs, so silky smooth. The majority of guys will never experience that and that makes me sad!

Listening to anything by Bon Iver, his music is so relaxing and has been know to make me cry every once in a while.

I love looking back through old photo albums with my family, laughing at all the memories and questionable fashion and hair choices. Dad, I'm talking about your bleach blonde mullet! *face palm*

The satisfaction of taking off my makeup after a long day is amazing.

Putting up the Christmas tree on the 1st of December with the family.

Having a laugh by watching a funny movie or tv show, Anchorman and Brooklyn Nine Nine are my favourites.

So weird, but pulling off my stockings feels good after a long day, my legs feel free!

Getting a compliment from anyone, it just makes me feel all fluffy!

I love wearing a dark lip, it makes me feel so confident and badass.

Call me crazy, but I love cleaning my room, and the feeling after is so nice!

Drinking my favourite cocktail, a Moscow Mule.

I love having a solo dance party in my room, also doubles as a good workout.

Hanging around my closest friends and just having a good laugh about nothing in particular. That's when you know you have friendships that will last a long time.

In the colder months, cuddling up in bed with doona, reading a book or watching Youtube makes me feel so cosy inside.

Just anytime when it rains, it makes me so happy and calm.

Chowing down on a good bowl of pasta, there is nothing better. My favourites are a creamy pasta my mum makes and my nona's spaghetti marinara. 

But my nona's gnocchi is the best! Now that she's getting older, we eat it less often, which makes it extra special. It's always a special request for my birthday!

Being able to have a sleep in. When you start working full time, you will cherish the weekends and public holidays!

What makes you happy?



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