Monday, 6 March 2017

Wear What You Want

Growing up in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of the "perfect body", millions of articles of how to get you body "bikini ready" for summer and ones explaining what you shouldn't wear depending on your body. It's very hard to avoid these in our day to day lives, and it affects the metal health and self esteem of many girls (and boys) worldwide. And I'm not going to lie, it definitely had an impact on me during high school and to a certain extent today. But over the past few years, even though I still struggle with having a positive image of myself, I have learnt to block out what other people say or expect and look how I like to. 

About a month ago at work, a guy asked me why I almost always wore black to which I responded that it suits me and it's my favourite colour to wear (I know it's not a colour, but it''s just easier saying it that way). He replied back saying it was a bit depressing, especially in summer. After he walked away, I sat there thinking about what he said. At first, I was thinking that maybe I should wear more colourful clothes. But then I was like, "No, I can wear what I bloody want". Yes, I love I do love wearing black. It looks good on me, it's flattering, and it's easy to pair things with. Sue me for not dressing appropriately for the hot Australian summer.

I get comments a lot that I dress like Wednesday Addams and my dad said once that I wouldn't need to do anything for Halloween. Old me would have gone and sulked in my room, then change the way I dress. But new me, I took that as a compliment! I want to dress like that sometimes, why not!? If you want to dress like 2000's Lady Gaga? You go for it! Wear what makes you comfortable and confident, not what other people think is there ideal of "nice clothing". Recently I've been buying more things that I really love, rather than what suits my body type and fits what everyone else wears. My style can go from Noel Fielding to Alexa Chung to Zooey Deschanel in the space of one week, but that's what I like so I don't let it bother me that I don't stick to one specific style anymore.

I love wearing dark lipstick, it makes me feel so sultry and vampy and my confidence increases tenfold when I wear it. But you always see articles saying boys don't like girls that wear dark lipstick as it's "not natural". Well duh of course it's not. But old me stopped wearing it for a while because I was convinced that was why I was dating anyone and I wasn't getting any attention from guys when I went out. Stupid, stupid me. Now I know that it was just because I was shy and I would hide in a corner. But now, I wear my darkest lipstick with pride because why do something just to impress someone that probably won't like you for who you really are.

On a bad day, I would describe my body type as a pale sack of potatoes on stumpy legs. On a good day, I would say I am curvy with good calves. Some days I would honestly stand in front of the mirror and poke at things that I didn't like about myself. And now that I have recently joined the world of Tinder and started going on dates (boy, do I have some horror stories for you guys!), I become more self conscious because I wanted to look good and thought they would hate me if they saw what my body looked like. These days I am taking a proactive approach to altering my confidence with my body, and that is by joining a gym. Said the girl who vowed never to join one and never run again. I run on a treadmill 3 times a week. Old me would collapse at the sight of that.

You shouldn't change how you look for someone else but do it for yourself. I want to lose a few kilos and slim down my belly, and I want to do it so that I feel better about myself. I will never look like those girls in the ads in magazines, it's just not genetically possible and I love food too much. But that's not what I want to look like at the end of the day. I want to be a happier version of myself, and if losing a few kilos means I will love myself for it, so be it. I want to feel comfortable in my clothes and flaunt what my mamma gave me.

I feel like this is becoming more of a rant than an advice post. But what I am really trying to say is don't let other people influence you to change what you want to wear in a negative way. Wear what YOU want to wear not what they want you to. Express yourself in any way that you feel comfortable and confident in! YOU DO YOU!


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