Thursday, 5 January 2017

My Goals for 2017

Looking like a marshmallow in Belin

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with New Year's Resolutions. On one hand, everyone does them and only 25% of people really stick to them. But one the other hand, they are a great way to help shape the year ahead and to give you bench marks to tick off when you achieve them. Some of my goals aren't to specific but are more things to be conscious of in the year ahead.

Read 25 books - This was my reading goal for last year, but I think I only read 22. Which is pretty good considering I didn't really read anything until July. I'm on the train for 40 minutes each day for work, so I know I have the time to read and it's something that my favourite thing to do when I was younger. As usual, I keep track of it on Goodreads, so follow my challenge and maybe start one yourself!

Socialise more - I have never been a social butterfly, I'd much rather sit at home cuddled up with some Netflix on and a good Moscow Mule. But this year, I want to say yes more to going to social gatherings and just in general go out more. Also, to be better at socialising online on things like Twitter with other bloggers. I'm always envious of seeing other bloggers chat online, but then I think to myself I have to actually talk to others if I want they have. 

Work on growing my blog - This is the goal that I want to achieve the most this year. I love blogging, but I'm not the best at it. This year I want to improve the quality of my content, also posting about a wider variety of topics like more lifestyle posts and personal things. Also, improve my social media presence; engage more on Twitter and grow my Instagram. I have set some goals for each of these platforms, and with the right help and motivation, I think they are definitely achievable. I also want to get a new layout so it looks a bit more fancy and professional.

Save money - Now that I have a full time job, saving has definitely become a lot easier. At the end of the year, I may be moving overseas so I really needed to gear up my savings. I am pretty good with saving anyway but I just want to watch my spending and really think about if things are necessary or not. Like cutting back on buying lunch at work, going to the library instead of a bookshop, and cutting back on makeup hauls *nooooooooo*.

Be healthier - My eating habits are really not the best, I am addicted to chocolate to the point of getting cravings right after lunch. So this year, I want to slowly start changing my eating habits, one baby step at a time. I find that if I make a sudden and big change, I never stick to it. Last year, I started to go to the gym and I actually stuck to it! Go me! I had a break over Christmas, o I went back for the first time today and I really want to stick to a routine to get me in better shape. Everyone always says to ignore the scales but I find that keeping track of my weight motivates me even more. I would love to get under 70 kgs by the middle of the year, something I haven't been since high school. And hopefully be 65kgs by Christmas! I think with the right attitude, routine, and healthy eating habits, this can be achieved.

Let me know what your goals are and what motivates you!



  1. I love the book reading goal-- it really is enriching to the heart and soul! Here's to hoping we both are able to read more in the new years! Cheer!

    xx Heather |


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