Friday, 23 September 2016

September Playlist | 2016

I think that this months playlist can be summarised like this; oh my goodness, I like Justin Bieber? I never used to like the Biebs, his music, especially the "Baby" phase, every time I heard that song I would have the urge to chuck appliances at the walls. But lately, I am so surprised at how I've been enjoying his songs. Mind you they are both collabs so it's not entirely his own, but it's progress right? "Let Me Love You" has been one of my favourite car jams for my early morning trips to the station.

I have also been loving Jack Garret, who has multiple songs on my potential Hottest 100 voting ballot. There are over 40 songs on this list so far and I have to pick only 10 at the end of the year! How will I do this!? You will find out, but I can tell it will be a lengthy process. Also, Betty Who released a cover of the song "I Love You Always Forever". When I first heard this song on the radio, I went a bit mental. It was a song that I used to love but have forgotten over the years but now it's back in my life and I'm loving life! Now someone has to bring out a cover of "Two Times" by Ann Lee (If anyone remembers that, you will be my best friend forever!).

What have some of your favourite tunes been this month?


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