Monday, 7 July 2014

My "OH NO, I'M LATE" Makeup Rountine

With Uni finishing a couple a weeks ago, my mind has gone into holiday mode and the days are becoming one big blur. A couple of days ago, I decided to take a nap. What I didn't realise is that I had work later that afternoon. My bad. My sister woke me up and I had only 10 minutes to get ready and leave! My face was not looking too presentable at that minute so I decided to quickly slap on some makeup to make it all better.

I used my Garnier BB Cream for Oily Skin as my base because even though it's a BB cream and it's got a thin consistency, the coverage is pretty surprising. On this particular day I didn't need any concealer which was great. Then I used the M.A.C. Mineralize Skin Finish in Natural, which is fantastic at setting my makeup because I find I get oily with this BB Cream. Lastly I used the Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof Mascara in Blackened Brown to transform my eyes from being almost invisible beady things to something that's supposed to be on my face.

Only 3 steps but boy does it make a difference and only takes about 2 minutes!



  1. this post is so helpful for me because I always sleep in! hah, I use MAC skinfinish natural as well, its so light and not cakey looking. would love if you could check out my fashion blog :)


    1. The Mineralize Skinfinsh has become my favourite ever powder at the moment!

  2. hey sweetie, I've just found your blog and I'm shocked you dont have more followers its so good! You deserve way more, I've just followed you chick. x


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