Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions!

Hello all! Happy New Year everybody!

For me, 2013 was a pretty fabulous year! I started my first year of Uni, passed my first year of Uni (yay!), turned 18, made a whole bunch of amazing friends, finally started to shake off my performance nerves and finally plucked up the courage to start this blog! However, there are some things that I planned to do last year that I didn't exactly accomplish (saying last year totally freaked me out).

I never really set out New Year's resolutions as I know I never keep them. But I thought I finally needed to get my act together and start making little changes in order to improve my wellbeing.

Blog More
When I started this blog, I thought I'd be posting at least once a week, which turned out to be not true. 
So this year, I want to get my act together and post regularly on this blog. I've wanted to do this for a while so I should be making the most of this blog by committing to it!

Eat Better
I say this every year, "Yes Lauren, you can do this, you can avoid all this bad food for a year!". The next day I end up at the checkouts at Woolworths before work finding myself with a handful of Caramello Koalas (aka. the greatest food in the world). Bad Lauren. But this year I mean it. Instead of trying to cut out all bad foods, I'll eat smaller portions, take my own lunch to work and uni and say no to chocolate sometimes.

Try Harder At Uni
I got my uni grades a few weeks ago and they were average. I know I didn't try as hard as I could have so the only person to blame was me. I am a procrastinator so I make life difficult for myself by cramming. This year, I aim to have a study routine and a practice routine so I can really improve my grades.

I'm going to look back at this in a year's time and either think "Well that was a failure", or "I know that I have improved myself in these 3 areas". Let's hope it's the latter!

I'd love to know if anyone else has any New Year's resolutions and how you plan to tackle them! Good luck!


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