Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Monthly Edit | May 2016

The month of May has been a quiet month. Nothing much has happened which is good in some ways but bad in others. I've been doing some work experience which involves social media which has been so interesting. It was something that I was interested in learning more about and I feel like I have learnt a lot while I have been there.

Last night I just ordered a few makeup bits from the US, and I know I've been trying to save extra, so for the month of June, I am putting myself on a makeup spending ban! Who knows if this will actually work, but I think I can restrain myself.


This month was the month of the  Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I have been using it almost everyday and i still can't get enough! I will be popping up a full review so keep a look out for that in the next few weeks! I also splurged on a pigment from MAC in Tan. It is quite messy but the colour is beautiful and worth the mess with the way it looks on my eyes!


As usual, I'll link my monthly playlist here. I have been absolutely loving Melanie Martinez and her album Cry Baby. It's a little bit quirky and a little pop, and just something different to listen to. Plus I love her style and makeup, it's really unique. This month was the month of Eurovision, and I don't know why but I haven't watched it yet! IT"S MADNESS! I have listened to Dami Im's entry, and I do love it although I don't know why Australia is in Eurovision. Last time I remember, Australia was a 20 hour flight from Europe.

In terms of telly, I have been binge watching Once Upon a Time from the beginning. I started a few weeks ago and I'm already halfway through season 2. I feel like the show is trying to stay a float by introducing new characters and adding new twists and turns but I don't know how long I can stay interested. Some good things need to come to an end. I think American's need to take a page from the British and keep the good shows short and sweet. But so far, I'm still hooked.

My reading habits were not very good this month and I only really read one book, and that was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I will be writing a bigger review in my next reading post, but I loved some parts and other parts I didn't really like. I'll leave it at that for now.



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What has been happening with you this month?



  1. I also love the Chocolate Bar palette! It's such a great everyday staple!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. It is a great all rounder, definitely one I can see myself using for a long time! x


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