Friday, 19 February 2016

My Reading Goals For 2016

So my 2015 reading challenge was a bit of a fail. My goal was too high, and my life got too busy towards the end of the year. In the end. instead of reading for enjoyment and relaxation, it turned more into a race against the clock. This made reading not enjoyable.

So this year I've decided to set my goal a little lower, to ease myself into reading every night before bed and when I have a bit of spare time. My goal is 25, which I think is a very achievable goal, roughly one book every two weeks. I'm not going to push myself to read faster just to reach the goal, I want to take my time and enjoy all the books I read.

If you have any book recommendations please let me know in the comments! Also, add me on Goodreads and we can share our love for books together! Goodreads is a site where you can track what books you have read, are currently reading, and ones you want to read. You can also follow other people and see what they read and recommend. 



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  1. That's a nice goal! I like reading but I seem to never get to reading lol. If you're into adult epic fantasy genre, I'm currently reading The Final Empire trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. They're very good!

    xo Kat @ Katness


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