Wednesday, 24 February 2016

2016: The Year I'm Getting Organised

So last year I felt I was pretty organised. I managed to complete my final year of uni, and plan a 2 month holiday with only a few breakdowns! This year I aim to be more organised, and keep it up for the whole year. For anything stationary, I always go to Kikki.k. They just have the cutest stuff and I'm always lusting after something new every time I go in.

One of my favourite things is my Kikki.K Weekly Planner Pad. I use this to roughly plan out my week, and also have little checklists I have for each day, mostly with things to do around the house. One of the things I love about it is that it doesn't have any dates on it. If you miss a week of planning, you haven't wasted a page and just write the dates on top. I use my Kikki.K Time Planner for more of an overview of what's happening. Stuff like my shifts for work, my teaching schedule, keeping track of birthdays, and future events. Lastly I have my Kikki.K Bounded Leather Notebook which I use to keep track of everything for my blog; scheduling for blog posts, statistics, post ideas. This notebook is such good quality, the paper is thick and I love the perforated leather look.

What are your tips for organisation?


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