Monday, 28 April 2014

The Start of Something New . . .

Did anyone get the reference to High School Musical? No? . . . Anyone? I was a pretty hardcore HSM fan back in the day. It's been 8 years since it came out. Wow! Anyway, I'm going waaaay off topic. I treated myself to 2 M.A.C lipsticks this month, and I've been having premonitions that this collection will be growing a lot in the future.

Left: Mehr (Matte)    Right: Diva (Matte)
I bought Diva first as I wanted to start off my collection with my favourite colour of lipstick; deep red. This one is definitely a deep burgundy and the pigmentation is incredible! I found that it didn't dry out my lips like other matte lipsticks and it last quite a while. Mehr is one I had never really heard of but I wanted a pinky nude colour, saw this and immediately fell in love. It's a dirty blue pink that's matte as well. I think next time I visit a M.A.C counter, I'll try out another formula other than matte, I need to be adventurous!

Are any of you building a collection? What are your favourites? Let me know!



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