Thursday, 5 May 2016

My 3 Easy Money Saving Tips

As you know, I am a shopaholic. I like to spend lots of my money on lots of things. But, I feel like lately, I have been saving a bit more and spending less. Don't get me wrong, I still like a good shop but these days I'm more conscious of my money, as I'm try to save for a few big things like a new laptop and new tires for my car, living the adult life.  The way that I save money are what I think works for me, but may not be the way you would like to save. I prefer putting away small amounts often as it feels like I still have enough to treat myself with something. I think these are perfect because your saving little amounts at a time, and it's easy to accumulate a lot!

The $5 Note Saving Tip

This is something my Aunt taught me a few years ago, and it's something that I have followed since. This is where if you have any $5 notes or obtain any, put it away straight away. I keep mine in a jar, and when I reach $100, I go to a bank to put it into my account. It's a super simple way to save, and you can use it to save for something you really want, my Aunt bought an iPad and a record player with her savings! Mine ended up all going towards my holiday, but currently I'm using it to save for my new laptop.

Spare Change

Who needs all that spare change hanging around in your purse waiting to be put in the closest vending machine? Put it away in a money box and watch your savings grow over time! Like with the $5 note tip, every time I get change, I put it in a Harry Potter (cool kid right here) money tin and only take it to the bank when it's full. The biggest amount that has come out of there was about $150. Change adds up people! Plus you can get rid of all your annoying little coins that no one ever seems to use anymore.

Rounding Down Your Bank Account

This is something I've started to do recently and I think it's a really great idea. Everyday after I know I have used my card to buy something, I'll go onto my online banking and check what money I have in my account, the round it down to the nearest 10 ad put that in my savings. Say I had $1247.59 in my bank account, I would round it down to $1240.00, and put $7.59 into my savings account. When you think about how many times you might use your card in a week, it can add up. Since I got back 3 months ago, I think I have saved around $130 from this method. It never seems like a lot but it all adds up in the long run!

What are your favourite saving tips? What is on your wishlist that you've been saving for?



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