Monday, 5 June 2017

My Netflix Picks

For a while, my Netflix was being pushed aside due to a busy schedule and my infatuation with podcast grew. But after a week of being sick and having a few days off work, I got reacquainted with my Netflix account. I continued to watch some series that I had left behind and discovered some new ones, as well as trying to get through the long list of things that were recommended to me. So here is a list of everything I would recommended to anyone who needs a new show or movie to watch.

Something to make you think . . . 13 Reasons Why

Now that the commotion that this show caused has died down for now, it's a great time to chat about how good this show actually was. Yes, some of the scenes and issues were a bit controversial, but isn't it a good thing that it is making us think about these topics. It follows the aftermath of Hannah Baker's suicide and her tapes that detail the reasons and people that lead her to make the decision to take her own life. It is a real eye opener and made me think about how what I have done in the past may have affected someone more than expected. Some scenes near the end of the series are graphic, but there are always warnings at the beginning incase these things make you sick. Definitely not for the lighthearted but an eye opener.

Something to keep you on the edge of your seat . . . Broadchurch

So many people have talked about this before and I have no idea why I didn't listen sooner! I have just finished the first season, so I have two more to go, but seriously, this show is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time! The town of Broadchurch goes into turmoil when a local boy goes missing, and it brings up all kinds of issues in the community. With David Tennant in it, how can you not enjoy it, he can do no wrong in my eyes. I started watching this with my mum and she made me watch the first 5 episodes in one day, and she is usually the one that tells me off for binge watching things, oh how the tables have turned! 

Something if you love crime and history . . . Whitechapel

I am a huge history nerd and I love crime shows and books, so any historical crime related thing appeals to me. Whitechapel is set in the present and, obviously, focuses on the area of Whitechapel in London. The detectives there are being faced with crimes that reflect the crime history of Whitechapel. It's hard to fully explain the show without giving things away but it's really riveting stuff. Definitely one for the history nerds out there.

Something to make you laugh out loud . . . Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you love cop shows but wish they were funny, this is for you. Netflix is behind in releasing the new seasons so I'm eagerly awaiting season 4, but I could rewatch the old episodes on repeat. I find that some American comedy shows try too hard to be funny, but this show nails it on the head. Andy Samberg is hilarious as Jake Peralta, a broke but very good detective in a precinct where hilarious escapades ensue. A good one to watch if you don't want to have to think to hard and just want something to cheer you up and give you loads of laughs.

Hopefully this helps you pick your next Netflix binge session and let me know if there is anything I should be obsessing about!




  1. I loved thirteen reasons why, it was very eye opening! I am currently watching Bates Motel and then I am going to watch Riverdale:)

    Emily xo

    1. I'm undecided on whether I want to watch Riverdale! I'm too scared it will be a bit over dramatic!


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