Friday, 15 April 2016

My Current Netflix Picks

Netflix is a deep deep hole that is a struggle to get yourself out of. I've been down that hole many times in the past month. after finishing uni and not having a full time job yet, I have a lot of spare time. There are some seriously good shows and movies on Netflix that I have been addicted to.

This is my current binge-watching pick. I'm only halfway through season 2, but I know this is a show I will love for a long time. It focuses around two guys, Harvey, one of the top lawyers in NYC, and Mike, a super genius that helps people cheat on their LSAT's. They meet in a strange way, and Mike ends up working for Harvey, and they have to both work hard to hide Mike's secret. Definitely something to binge watch, it's mainly a drama but there are definitely some subtle comedy bits.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The new season comes out today! At last! This is a show made by the ever hilarious Tina Fey, and follows Kimmy, who was held captive with 3 other women underground for 15 years and begins to live in the new unfamiliar world. Funny situations ensue, and her new roommate Titus is one of the funniest characters in a TV series. Watch this one if your in serious need of some giggle time.


Probably one of my favourite shows of all time, I'm currently re watching. It follows 5 young adults who are doing their community service when a freak storm hits and they suddenly have special powers. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I promised you will be hooked! It's a mix of Heroes and Skins, and has drama mixed with comedy. I have only watched up to series 3, because they changed a lot of the characters and I'm not one who likes a lot of change in TV series and I didn't want to ruin the perfect show for myself. 

What have been your favourites on Netflix and what do you recommend?


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