Monday, 8 May 2017

Moscow Mule Cocktail

Ever since I was introduced to the world of cocktails a year and a half ago in Europe, I've been hooked. I do have a few favs that I like to order, but I'm all up for trying something new. Except anything that's milky, like a Pina Colada, not a fan at all. But one that I enjoy the most and is pretty simple to make is a Moscow Mule. Served traditionally in a copper mug, it's really refreshing and is a cocktail I think anyone can get on board with.


1oz of vodka
1/2oz of lime or lemon juice
Ginger Beer
Mint to garnish


This can be made with or without a shaker, but I do prefer to use one. In the shaker put a few ice cubes, vodka and lime/lemon juice. With the measurements, I use a jigger. They can come in different sizes but I always use the larger end for vodka, and the smaller for the lime/lemon juice.

Shake vigorously, then pour into copper mug or a highball glass. Top the glass with ginger beer, I prefer the Bundaberg kind, and stir. Then add mint to garnish.

Very very simple and equally delicious! I never used to like ginger beer and surprisingly I still don't, unless it's in a cocktail. So don't let that scare you off because you'll be surprised!

Let me know if you try it!



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