Friday, 10 March 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

L'Oreal have released another foundation in their Infallible range. The Infallible Total Cover Foundation is similar to the Infallible Matte in that it claims to have high coverage and a matte finish. But the difference in these are the texture, the Matte is a thin texture that dries down to an almost powdery finish with the Total Cover is more of a moussey texture. I really like the Matte foundation, so I picked this up a few months ago to see how it performs against it's sister foundation.

Compered to the weightlessness of the Matte version, this one definitely feels like your wearing something on the skin. Even though it does claim to feel weightless, you can still feel it on and I think this is because of the mousse-like texture. I do think it makes it easier to blend into the skin, either with a brush or Beauty Blender, though I prefer the latter as it gives a more even coverage. I would say it is medium to full coverage, not a full coverage as it claims. It does layer well, but I find I like the coverage it gives with one application. It doesn't dry down completely matte, more of a satin finish in my opinion with my oily skin.

Throughout the day, I can feel it on my skin but it doesn't feel heavy and oily like some foundations do after a while. While wearing it to work, I would notice that I got shiny in my t-zone after the 5-6 hour mark, which is what happens with almost all of my other foundations. However, instead of looking oily and starting to separate, it leaves a nice glow, but I'll usually fix it with some powder. It does claim to be long wearing, but I would say this is the only case if it's not too ho or your extremely oily.

If you have extremely dry skin, I think this would exaggerate your dry skin. And the same with oily skin, I think this would slide around and not set properly. With a good primer and powder, I think this lasts really well on my skin, smooths out my pores and looks pretty flawless, but doesn't cover everything. I can definitely say that this is one of the better foundations at the drugstore at the moment.

Have you tried this foundation yet?


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